What does this mean for you??

Referral Program

As a member of our team, we offer you options of referral magic! We are working on idea on how to tree this, if a client refers a new client, how can ALL partied involved benefit with the referral. ** Open to suggestions! **

1. You can work with them as their coach - with higher commissions when they use a code to connect you with them

This code will be created with you customed to you!

2. You can offer additional services not typically offered through our standard coaching programs

This will be talked about with the Managment team and a plan will be created specifically for you with your intentions of use.

Discounted Links

We will create discounted links specifically for you, WITH and WITHOUT discounts for these customers!

You can offer coaching with customizable options!

You will be given access to coaching options that allow you to create the coaching experience that your client is looking for!

Affiliate Links


Rules and Regulations to these benefits will be given to you when you contact Cassie about this opportunity!