Phoenix Fortitude is a strong supporter of the Financial Feminist Movement! Our target audience and clients are females ready to make a difference in their financial standing!

What is a Financial Coach?

Just starting to manage your finances? Now might be the perfect time to start working with a Financial Coach!

Financial Coaches aid in educating clients with their financial goals. They offer assistance by guiding them in effective and confident directions to take action on bettering their financial fulfillment and wellbeing. Our coaches offer no judgement, shame, or guilt. Coaches are empathetic to client's current financial standings and hardships. Coaches also help with understanding that financial literacy is never something embedded in the minds of humans, this is hard work, and it doesn't happen overnight.

What do Financial Coaches Offer?

Our coaches actively listen to the client. This is to gain full comprehension and understanding of the financial situations of the client. We go through the numbers with you, analyze the financial standings clients currently are in. Aid in identifying their needs and goals. Our coaches will offer guidance, education, and accountability! Coaches will provide you with personal money spreadsheets, step-by-step guide to reaching the clients goals, follow up support, resources, and provide email drafts that may be needed to assist in client goals.

Mission Statement

To empower all females on the planet to achieve their financial goals and take back their financial power with confidence in financial literacy!

Our Core Values

Integrity, Curiosity, Diversity, Courage, Vulnerability, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Honesty, Inclusion, Passion, Persistence, Self-improvement, Accountability, Trust, Humility, Fun, Teamwork, Quality


"It hasn't Been easy! And it is nowhere near perfect! But, coming from where I was to where I am now has made a huge impact on my life and my future endeavors!"